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Files API

GET File by ID

To fetch a file in your workflow, issue a GET request to the files endpoint, specifying the blob ID:<blob_id>

For example, consider we fetched a task object with the following shape

    "Stage": "In Progress",
    "Assigned To": null,
    "Task URL": "",
    "Company ID": "42",
    "Company Name": "Acme Corp",
    "Number of Employees": "10",
    "Contract Value": "10000.00",
    "Expected Close Date": "2020-01-31",
    "International?": false,
    "Receipt": [{
        "blobId": "123abc",
        "filename": "company_outing_receipt.png",
        "contentType": "image/png"

Let’s download that file locally with the following command

curl \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' \
    --output local_receipt_copy.png

The contents of the file should be saved in local_receipt_copy.png