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Checklist API

You can use the checklist API to read, create, update, or delete a task’s checklist items.

GET List Checklist Items

To fetch checklist items for a task in your workflow, issue a GET request to the checklist_items endpoint:<workflow-id>/tasks/<unique_id>/checklist_items

For example,

curl<workflow-id>/tasks/123/checklist_items \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY'

Example response

        "id": "N7gIDN",
        "title": "Cloak",
        "status": "Completed",
        "editable": false,
        "Assigned To": "",
        "Stage": "School Supplies"
        "id": "xqkIg6",
        "title": "Nimbus 2000 broomstick",
        "status": "Skipped",
        "editable": false,
        "Assigned To": "",
        "Stage": "School Supplies"
        "id": "6JZId6",
        "title": "Bertie Botts every flavor beans",
        "status": "Blank",
        "editable": true,
        "Assigned To": null,
        "Stage": "School Supplies"
Field Name Description
id Unique identifier for the checklist item
title The title for the checklist item
status Can be one of “Blank”, “Skipped”, or “Completed”
editable Whether the checklist item can be modified/deleted. Checklist items created from a checklist template cannot be deleted and will return false
Assigned To The user’s email that the checklist item is assigned to, or null if unassigned
Stage The stage on which the checklist item will be shown

Filtering checklist items by stage

To only return checklist items for a given stage, you can include an optional Stage query parameter. For example:

GET /api/v1/workflows/<workflow-id>/tasks/<unique-id>/checklist_items?Stage=School%20Supplies

GET Checklist Item

You can fetch an individual checklist item from the API by specifying its unique id:<workflow-id>/tasks/<unique_id>/checklist_items/<id>

POST Create checklist item

To create a new checklist item, include the checklist item’s title and the stage it should appear on as the body of a POST request. All other fields are optional.

POST /api/v1/workflows/<workflow-id>/tasks/<unique_id>/checklist_items

For example, you can POST the following body to add an item to the School Supplies stage:

    "Stage": "School Supplies",
    "title": "Wand (Phoenix Tail Core)"

PUT Update a checklist item

To update a checklist item, issue a PUT request and include your updates in the request body:

PUT /api/v1/workflows/<workflow-id>/tasks/<unique_id>/checklist_items/<id>

For example, to set the status to “Completed”:

  "status": "Completed"

DELETE Delete a checklist item

You can delete a checklist item by issuing a DELETE request:

DELETE /api/v1/workflows/<workflow-id>/tasks/<unique_id>/checklist_items/<id>

Some checklist items cannot be deleted

Checklist items added via the a checklist template cannot be deleted.