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Use custom forms to get create new tasks in Flowdash

One way to create tasks in Flowdash is by using custom forms.

Setting one up takes about a minute with the drag-and-drop builder.

To get started, open up a workflow and navigate to Data > Forms > + New Form.

Use the right hand panel to customize (1) the layout of the form (e.g., add a header, description, or your company logo as an image), and (2) the fields you'd like to request (e.g., Email, Name, Phone, etc.).

When you drag in fields, you'll have the option of making them required on the form or not. You can also add a custom tooltip message for more context.


Required fields

There's a difference between required fields at the task creation level and at the form level. For example, you can set up your fields in the workflow so that Email is not required, but you make it required in your form. If a field is required at the task creation level, however, it will always be required in the form.

Q: Are Flowdash form URL's public?
A: Yes. Forms are accessible to anyone but they come with a unique URL (e.g.,

Q: Are Flowdash forms embeddable in my website?
A: Yes! Check out the software engineer job application form for Flowdash below :)